- Acer C720 (i3) Chromebook reviews

"As the first Chromebook with a Core i3 processor, the Acer C720 offers modest performance gains over its rivals, along with equally long battery life. You might want to wait and see if other laptop makers come out with something a little better designed -- perhaps with a nicer screen. Even so, at this price, the C720 remains a good value in its own right."

Acer C720 (i3) Chromebook:
Written by: Published: 08/09/2014

"Acer recently updated its original C720 Chromebook with an Intel Core i3 processor, adding power and speed to the original model. It's also the first Chromebook to feature an i3 processor--and coming in at $349.99, it's still priced lower than many Windows machines yielding similar power. But is a better-enough processor to push the C720 to the front of the Chromebook pack?"

Acer C720 (i3) Chromebook:
Written by: Published: 08/29/2014