Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA

Asus Flip 2 C302CA (2017)

Laptop Magazine - Asus Chromebook Flip (C302CA) Review:

"With Android app support moving out of beta and becoming a standard part of Chrome OS this year, Chromebook 2-in-1s are becoming extremely important. The 12.5-inch convertible Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA is ready to run Android apps or dozens of Chrome tabs, with strong performance and a sense of style. This $499 bend-back 2-in-1 ($449 to start) sports a classy aluminum chassis, bright full-HD display and a solid Core m3 CPU for multitasking. If you're willing to spend the money for a premium Chromebook, the Flip C302CA is your best choice." full review

Asus Flip 2 C302CA (2017) review:
Written by: Henry T. Casey Published: 1/20/2017

Android Central - Hands On With The Awesome Asus Chromebook Flip (C302CA):

"The ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 may cost more than the average Chrome OS device, but that's because the Taiwanese company has gone all-in on the future, including a powerful Intel Core chip, up to 8GB of RAM, and USB-C ports." full review

Asus Flip 2 C302CA (2017) review:
Written by: Daniel Bader Published: 1/5/2017

Chromestory- Asus Flip 2 (C302CA) First Impressions [Hands on]:

"This new device is a bit bigger, has a very different design and is more powerful than the original Flip. In my opinion, it’s a very worthy successor indeed." full review

Asus Flip 2 C302CA (2017) review:
Written by: James Welbes Published: 12/31/2016

Chrome Unboxed- Asus Flip C302CA Unboxing:

"With sleek lines, a thin build, Skylake processor and bright touchscreen, can this device perform as well as it looks? And, more importantly, with CES and the Samsung Chromebook Pro looming, can this offering from ASUS give it the presence in the Chromebook market to take on the marketing beast that is Samsung? I’ll say this: initial impressions are pretty stellar. I’ve not felt this impressed by a Chromebook since I first unboxed a Pixel. We’ll cover everything in the full review, but for now, feast your eyes on the ASUS C302 and know that, at least initially, this thing impresses in every way!" full review

Asus Flip 2 C302CA (2017) review:
Written by: Robby Payne Published: 01/07/2017

Chrome Unboxed- Asus Flip C302CA Review:

"You will see a pattern throughout this review. This Chromebook excels at almost everything. Design is a high point, here. Apart from a few other examples like the Pixel, HP 13 G1 and Acer 14, this device stands out as a quality slab of aluminum.

If you’ve handled a newer Macbook Pro, you have an idea of what we are dealing with. Soft-touch aluminum, rounded corners, and straight, boxy sides all come together to make a slim, attractive design. At around 2.5 pounds, it is also supremely portable in the 12.5″ setup." full review

Asus Flip 2 C302CA (2017) review:
Written by: Robby Payne Published: 01/17/2017

PC Mag - Asus Flip C302CA Review:

"The Asus Chromebook Flip (C302CA-DHM4) ($499) is priced to compete with entry-level Windows laptops, yet has the look and feel of a premium offering. Its metal body construction, backlit keyboard, beautiful screen, and long battery life make it a very attractive alternative to yet another plastic laptop. Although ostensibly an update of the Chromebook Flip, one of Asus's earlier convertible laptops, this iteration is all new, and an excellent evolution of the chromebook in general." full review

Asus Flip 2 C302CA (2017) review:
Written by: Joel Santo Domingo Published: 02/2/2017

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Asus Chromebook Flip 2 (C302CA)

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